Environmental Water Monitoring Support

Global Environmental Monitoring (GEM) Ltd is an independent company that aims to provide environmental water monitoring support where you need it.

GEM provides the following key services:

  • Review of existing environmental water monitoring network and procedures
  • Installation and advice on Telemetry and monitoring equipment
  • Installation and management of groundwater and surface water level monitoring networks
  • Groundwater quality sampling
  • Collation and graphical presentation of hydrogeological data
  • Training of staff in environmental water monitoring
  • Water feature survey
  • Borehole construction supervision
  • Borehole camera surveys
  • Optimization of abstractions to ensure prolonged pump life
  • Mine site environmental inspections

Whilst the above are considered our key services, GEM also works with many other companies to ensure all your requirements are met. See collaborations tab for companies GEM is currently affiliated with.



We offer training for installation, management and presentation of monitoring data & the development of Site Operating Procedures (SOPs)


GEM can ensure that you purchase the right monitoring equipment for your needs and assist with the installations

AUDIT / Review

GEM offers periodic audits to review the monitoring progression and provide assistance